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Number 1 Muller Avenue is home to a diverse group of artists working in print making, sculpture, digital imaging, painting, graphic and commercial design disciplines. We welcome your interest in our endeavors and our space at the old Mill Lace Factory in Norwalk, Connecticut. Our organization, abbreviated to FCStudios, is a collection of professional artists and educators with studios that remain private and not open to the public. We encourage patrons to visit us “by appointment only”.  To contact us email: firingcircuitsstudios@gmail.com
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1 Muller Avenue was once well situated by the river, with easy access to the train routes. In the early 1900′s our factory was filled with mostly Polish and German artisan immigrants. Their job was to make lace. In those days many citizens of  Norwalk, Connecticut , were in the business of apparel production: corsets, hats, clothing and yes, lace.

Today,  The old Mill Lace Factory has turned into a complex of small businesses. Housed within the three-story red brick factory of building #10, are studios filled with creative working fine artists. We also host private events in our large loft gallery space.

Remember, we remain private studios but we encourage patrons to visit us by appointment. Please go to our “ABOUT THE ARTISTS” page to find our individual contact information.

  • Firing Circuits Studios, 1 Muller Avenue, Norwalk CT 06851, firingcircuitsstudios@gmail.com

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    Art With an Edge

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    Open Figure Drawing

    Contact us regarding figure drawing sessions or workshops.

  • Portrait Group

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    Open to all levels. Contact us regarding open portrait sessions or workshops.

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